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Uninst is a simply tool for creating uninstall scripts. It scans file system (or its part) before and after installation of some new software and automatically creates uninstall script from differences of these file lists.

Sometimes you want to install some program and you don't have *.rpm or *.deb package of them - so you must use *.tar archive. But this alternative has a big disadvantage - it is an uninstallation. This can be available through 'make uninstall' but very often you don't have this possibility. A very simple and safe solution of this problem is to use uninst. Uninst makes uninstallation 'bash' script so you can easily remove every file belonging to the installed application.

  • POSIX operating system (Linux, FreeBSD... )
  • standard ISO C/C++ library
  • GNU 'ls' command in the '/bin' directory with -Q option support

0.1.6 -> 0.1.7

    - fixed problem with missing <locale.h> header
    - updated autotools build files

uninst-0.1.6.tar.gz [2011-07-31,  109.59 KiB]
uninst-0.1.7.tar.bz2 [2011-07-31,  215.6 KiB]
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